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Freemarch Map - RIFT

Freemarch its a Telara zone map controled by Defiants. Level range 6 - 19.

Travelling back through time, the Defiant arrive in Freemarch and see lush, rolling fields falling away to white sand beaches and the sparkling sea, so different from the hollow shell of a future they hail from. And then they turn and see a Death Rift, pulsing with sinister purpose, and learn what they are fighting for... more

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FREEMARCH MAP - RIFT The World of Telara by game-maps.com

Founder's Threshold

Regent's Cove

Ark of the Ascended

Kelari Refuge

King's Retreat

Seastone Bluff

Eliam Fields

The Iron Tomb

Fortuneís End

Todrin Estate

The Rill Pond

Meridian (Defiant City)

Scarred Mire

The Iron Fortress

Smithís Haven

Denegarís Stand

Savage Hill

Lakeside Outpost




Tormented Wisp

Crepit Pokeit

Sea Scuttler



Achievements on Silverwood Map

Freemarch Exterminator - Kill 4 rare creatures in Freemarch. Creatures are: Augustor, Azagamara, Crepit Pokeit, Gizzit, Gogrol, Sea Scuttler, Tormented Wisp.

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