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The Droughts Crew Challenges Locations Borderlands 3 Map

Borderlands 3 Map of Crew Challenges Locations in The Droughts on Pandora planet, Typhon Logs, Typhon Dead Drop, Legendary Hunt, Dead Claptrap, Hijack Target, Crimson Radio, Target of Opportunity in Borderlands 3 Game Guide & Walkthrough.

Borderlands 3 Map Crew Challenges in The Droughts

Typhon Logs Crew Challenge Locations in The Droughts

Find The Droughts Typhon Logs.

Follow the decades-old journey of The First Vault Hunter by collecting all three Typhon Journals in The Droughts area. Once you've found them all, Tannis will be able to triangulate the location of the secret Typhon Dead Drop cache and unlock it for you.


First Typhon Log Location.


Second Typhon Log Location.


Third Typhon Log Location.

Typhon Dead Drop Crew Challenge Location in The Droughts

Loot The Droughts Dead Drop cache.

Collect all three Typhon Journals so Tannis can triangulate the location of Typhon's Dead Drop cache and unlock it for you.


Typhon Dead Drop Location.

Legendary Hunt Crew Challenge Location in The Droughts

Defeat the legendary Lavender Crawly.

Defeat unique beasts for Sir Hammerlock.


Legendary Lavender Crawly Location.

Dead Claptrap Crew Challenge Location in The Droughts

Salvage parts from decommissioned Claptrap units to help Claptrap build a friend.

Salvage a Motor


Dead Claptrap Location.

Salvage a Gyroscopic Rotor


Dead Claptrap Location.

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