Galactic Map and Story Chapters Jedi Survivor

World Map for Star Wars Jedi Survivor with Story Chapters and all Planets on Galactic Map, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Map & Guide.

Galactic World Map Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Galactic World Map Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Galactic World Map Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Galactic Map in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (World Map) includes large Planets as Koboh and Jedha, with an open world game setting and 4 more linear Planets Coruscant, Shattered Moon, Tanalorr and Nova Garon.

Story Chapters in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Story, main storyline in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is divided into 6 Chapters, which are divided into sub-chapters. The plot is interesting, original and contains unexpected plot twists.

It takes between 20 and 30 hours to complete the entire storyline without completing additional Rumors (Side Quests) and additional activities. After completing the storyline, it is possible to complete the rest of the game's content, including visiting locations not covered by the storyline.

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Chapter 1

The Heist

The luck of rogue Jedi Cal Kestis seemed at last to have run out, finding himself in the custody of Coruscant Security Force troopers intent on selling him to a corrupt senator. The senator - Daho Sejan - hoped to use the Jedi to gain favor with the Emperor.

Yet the exchange was a set-up; a lure to give the Jedi a chance to steal valuable intel from the senator's yacht for Saw Gerrera. After a frantic chase through Level 2046, Cal obtains the intel, but it is far from good news: the Empire is everywhere, seemingly unstoppable, and now their years-long struggle seems hopeless...

The Escape

The Ninth Sister, bent on revenge, ambushed the crew. She executed Senator Sejan and, in the ensuing firefight, Gabs and the Twins were killed too. To buy Bode and Bravo time, Cal confronted the Ninth Sister and defeated her. At the hangar, Cal offered Bode a locator beacon, so that the mercenary could track him down for payment after they escaped.

As Imperials pursued the remaining crew, Bode drew several fighters away, but Bravo's ship was shot down. before the jump to lightspeed. Cal finds himself with BD aboard the Mantis, safe but otherwise alone...


Safely aboard the Mantis and away from Coruscant, Cal transmitted the intel to Saw Gerrera and began a ship- wide diagnostic. As Cal reflected over the loss of his friends, BD played footage of the Mantis crew during happier times, in an attempt to comfort him. When the recording finished, the diagnostics report revealed a faulty gyro module.

Realizing only Greez Dritus would know how to fix the Mantis, Cal plots a course for the Latero's new home of Koboh...

Chapter 2

Pyloon's Saloon

The Mantis, its systems failing, barely makes it to Koboh. The ship crash-landed in a dusty canyon on Koboh, far from the planet's main settlement where Greez had opened a cantina. On the way there, Cal and BD-1 were attacked by a local gang known as the Bedlam Raiders. Upon reaching the outpost, Cal defended the locals from the Raiders' leader, a Gen'Dai named Rayvis.

In the aftermath, Greez emerged from hiding, and the old friends reunited. While alarmed to hear of damage to the Mantis, the Latero was far more concerned with Cal's well-being. He convinces Cal to rest in a spare room he set up long ago for just this sort of visit...

The Key to Tanalorr

Greez pointed Cal to the tunnels beneath the outpost, where he stored spare parts for the Mantis. While down there, Cal discovered the ruins of an old structure, and a droid from the High Republic-era pinned beneath fallen debris. Touching the droid, Cal experienced a vision: amid a cataclysmic disaster, the Jedi Knight Santari Khri entrusted the droid - ZN-A4 (or "Zee") - with a tuner device, charging her with saving the lost planet of Tanalorr.

After saving Zee and returning with her to the cantina, Cal found Bode had arrived, seeking payment. Insistent, Zee charged Cal with finishing her duty; seeking out the key to Tanalorr in the Forest Array. Thinking there might be something to it, Bode takes Greez to repair the Mantis, while Cal and BD set out to the forest...

The Fallen Jedi

At the heart of the forest, in a High Republic-era facility, Cal discovered a man with one arm, preserved in a bacta tank. Upon touching the tank, Cal experienced another vision in which Santari Khri and a Jedi explorer Dagan Gera - the man in the tank - discuss the promise of Tanalorr.

Through the Force, Dagan implored Cal to free him, which he did. Upon his release, Dagan blamed the Jedi Order for his imprisonment and, despite Cal imploring him to join the fight against the Empire, he bled his lightsaber and attacked. Their duel is interrupted by Rayvis, who had long been searching for Dagan. The fallen Jedi takes his leave, leaving Cal to contemplate events...

Chapter 3

A New Home

Cal's return to the outpost was greeted by the fully- repaired Mantis touching down. Rejoining his friends, he shared what he had learned with the others: Tanalorr, the hidden world, lay beyond the Koboh Abyss, hidden from Imperial designs. Bode, and eventually Greez, threw their lots in with Cal to secure Tanalorr as a new, safe home.

To gather information on Tanalorr and the Jedi of the High Republic-era, Cal decides it's time to reconnect with his old mentor, Cere Junda, on the desert moon of Jedha...

The Nightsister

Approaching Jedha, the Mantis crew made contact with the Narkis Anchorites, a religious group working with Cere. An incoming dust storm forced the Mantis to land a distance from the rendezvous point, so Cal set out on foot to meet Cere's contact, who turned out to be none other than the Nightsister Merrin.

As they continued toward Cere's base together, the storm finally catches them, and they are forced to find a cave, taking refuge within from the howling winds and sand...


Upon finally reaching Cere's Base, the group was greeted by Jedi Master Eno Cordova - to BD-1's great delight. Within the base, they were reunited with Cere, who explained her group's purpose - to rebuild the Jedi Archive, as well as support an organization protecting Force-sensitive individuals from the Empire, known as the Hidden Path.

With the Mantis crew together again for the first time in many years, Cal detailed their search for Tanalorr. Master Cordova, springing to action, provides two locations that may yield the answer to crossing the Koboh Abyss...

On The Trail

Among the ruins of a Republic settlement on Koboh, Cal found an ancient, broken device, possibly connected to Tanalorr. He also experienced a vivid Force echo, in which Dagan Gera slaughtered Jedi in a rage. And upon Koboh's Shattered Moon, Cal defeated one of Rayvis' lightsaber-wielding lieutenants and retrieved another damaged device.

Cal returned them to Master Cordova, who vowed to begin investigating them immediately. In the meantime, Cere dispatches Cal and Merrin to a Hidden Path safehouse, to save the Anchorite Brother Armias and the vital contact codes he carries...

Chapter 4

The Hidden Path

While en route to rescuing Brother Armias, Cal entered a mysterious, wind-blasted chamber. Within the eye of its howling gale, he experienced a flashback through the Force - one of Cere, warning Cal about pushing himself too hard in his fight against the Empire.

Emerging with a newfound clarity, Cal worked with Merrin to retrieve the contact codes during an Imperial assault. Brother Armias, however, did not make it, and so their return to Cere is bittersweet...

Abyss Compass

Bode and Master Cordova were eager to share their findings: Santari Khri created a special compass to navigate the Koboh Abyss, allowing the Jedi of the High Republic to establish an Outpost Temple on Tanalorr. However, the planet was somehow invaded by Nihil attackers, forcing the Jedi to fall back. In the aftermath, the Jedi Council ordered Khri to destroy the remaining devices.

The Lucrehulk

The crew returned to Koboh to discover that, in their absence, the Raiders descended upon the outpost and kidnapped Zee.

Fearing Zee will be scrapped once Dagan discovers she knew nothing of the compass, Cal and Bode decide to launch a daring strike into the Raider base itself - an abandoned Lucrehulk Battleship - to rescue Zee...

Freeing Zee

Deep within the Lucrehulk, Rayvis struck, ambushing Cal and stealing the tuner. Escaping to the bowels of the ship, Cal experienced another Force vision of Cere's teachings. This lesson granted Cal the ability to make his way back up through the ship.

While ascending a turbolift, Cal overheard Dagan and Rayvis discuss Santari Khri and the compass: with the tuner key duplicated, they could access all of Khri's blocked sites. Pleased, Dagan sent an underling to the Forest Array to activate it, and ordered Rayvis to the Shattered Moon.

Finally reaching Zee at the Lucrehulk control tower, Cal defended her against Dagan's furious attacks until Bode arrived to help push the fallen Jedi back. In the aftermath, they determine Rayvis is heading to retrieve the last compass, and so they set their sights on the Shattered Moon once more...

Chapter 5

Rayvis Defeated

At the core of the Shattered Moon facility, Cal saw a vision of Santari Khri, severing Dagan's arm as he tried to seize the final compass from her. Ascending to the control tower, Cal confronted Rayvis and, in a destructive bout, he finally defeated the Gen'Dai.

Humbled, Rayvis revealed that Dagan sent him to open the path to an observatory, high in Koboh's mountains. There, he said, was the final compass. Refusing to aid the Jedi, Rayvis then demanded a warrior's death, which Cal obliged.

The Mantis crew makes for Koboh and the final compass, knowing that Dagan Gera stands in their way...

Compass Acquired

In the Grand Oculus of the Mountain Observatory, Cal and Bode discovered Dagan. Compass in hand, he listened to a final holorecording; a farewell from Santari Khri. Forlorn, but still resolved, Dagan declared his intent to found a new Jedi Order on Tanalorr - one in his image. He attacked the pair and, after a destructive struggle, Cal managed to turn Dagan's powerful Force confusion against him.

Tormented by visions of Santari Khri, Dagan was disoriented, which allowed Bode and Cal to work together and finally defeat the ancient Jedi. With the compass finally now in-hand, the Mantis crew set a course for Jedha as they begin preparations for the journey to Tanalorr...


As Master Cordova worked to repair the compass, the crew - united once again - celebrated and discussed their plans for the future. Taking Cal aside, Bode reasoned that a smaller group should go on ahead and scout Tanalorr first, but Cal disagreed. Weary, Bode retired early, leaving Cal and Merrin to share a moment together on the balcony.

By morning, Cordova's repairs were complete. Yet at that moment, disaster struck - the Empire had found them, and was closing in from all angles. As confusion gripped them, a sorrowful Bode took the compass. Firing two shots, he killed Master Cordova and fled.

Cal, grief-stricken, pursued Bode across the Jedha desert to avenge his comrades. Cornered, Bode drew a saber he took from Dagan and revealed himself to be a Jedi. Injuring Cal, Bode escapes, leaving his former friend for dead...


As Cal pursued Bode, Cere and Merrin worked together to stop the Empire's assault and buy time for an evacuation. Rushing to the Archive, Cere entrusts BD-1 with the Hidden Path contact codes as Darth Vader appeared, intent on revenge.

Sending BD-1 away with the codes, Cere engaged the Sith Lord in a savage battle. With skill and determination, she came within a breath of defeating him. Yet at the final moment, a wounded Vader strikes true, dealing a lethal blow to the Jedi Master. She collapsed back into Cal's arms, who witnessed her heroic last stand through psychometry.

Later, on the Mantis, as the remaining crew try to process Bode's treachery and the sudden, devastating loss of their friends, they realize they may be able to use Bode's locator beacon to track him back to his hideout...

Chapter 6

Kata Akuna

The locator beacon led the crew to Nova Garon, and an Imperial Security Bureau base. Sneaking through the facility to a suite of private quarters, Cal discovered Kata - Bode's daughter, and then Bode himself.

After surviving Order 66, Bode started a new life, marrying and eventually fathering a daughter. Yet in time the Inquisitorius hunted him down; he escaped with Kata, but the Inquisitors killed his wife. On the run, Bode struck a deal with newly-Imperial Denvik, now the base commander of Nova Garon, to become a mole for the ISB in exchange for safety. However, he long sought to escape that arrangement, and Tanalorr gave him that chance.

Bode reveals his plan to use Cal to bring the Inquisitorius down on Denvik's base, purging Bode's existence from Imperial records and buying time for him and Kata to escape...


Reaching his breaking point at last, Cal was briefly overcome by the dark side of the Force, breaking through the Imperial garrison to chase down Bode. He was unable, however, to stop him before he escaped, and so instead turned his anger on Denvik. Witnessing Cal use dark powers, Merrin convinced him to step back from the path.

After returning to the Mantis, the mood was bleak. All seemed lost, until BD-1 played back the holorecording, recovered from Bode's quarters. In it, Santari Khri told Dagan that should the final compass - the one she hid for him specifically - be lost as well, then she had provided one final way to reach Tanalorr...

The Arrays

The Abyss

A New Path

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