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My Old Game Maps

some nostalgic stuff from my ancient game guides.

My Old Game Maps

When I was much younger then now, I got lot of time for making game guides and maps for cRPG and MMO games. Here is some nostalgic game stuff from the past ...

EverQuest 2 Maps

In memorable 2004 I spend lot of great time with EQ2. I wish those days could come back once more. I made over 50 hand drawn maps of lands and dungeons instances for EverQuest 2, Expansions and Adventure Packs for and

See a larger version of EverQuest 2 Old Maps samples

World of Warcraft Maps

World of Warcraft maps ripped from game graphic files.

See a larger version of Kalimdor Map from World of Warcraft

See a larger version of Eastern Kingdoms Map from World of Warcraft

System Shock 2 Maps

Maps from my old System Shock 2 Game Guide. They were made in 1999. That was really exciting game.

See a larger version of System Shock 2 Maps

Planescape Torment Maps

Sample of maps from Planescape Torment guide made in 1999 (Polish Language Version). This game till now it's for me benchmark for 'talk not kill' narrative cRPG.

See a larger version of Planescape Torment Maps

Might & Magic Maps

See a larger version of Might & Magic Maps Samples

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