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GW2 - Vistas, POIs, Skills, Zones, Cities, Dungeons and level range. The geography of Tyria ranges from the dense jungles of the Maguuma, to high mountains of the Shiverpeak Mountains, to forests of the Blood Legion Homelands and Ascalon, to the sandy Crystal Desert. Each zone has its own set of waypoints, skill challenges, vistas, renown hearts and points of interest.

Tyria Map. Atlas maps for video games Guild Wars 2, contains a map of the whole world of Tyria, maps of individual zones and cities maps.

Map of Tyria Continent, 1-80 lvl, Guild Wars 2.
Map of Tyria Continent, 1-80 lvl, Guild Wars 2.

Tyria Renown Heart301 Renown Hearts Waypoints507 Waypoints Points of Interest716 Points of Interest Skill Challenges202 Skill Challenges Vistas266 Vistas

Kryta Kryta is the last human kingdom in Tyria. It is ruled by Queen Jennah, the last known surviving descendant of King Doric, from the grand city of Divinity's Reach.

Lion's Arch (city) built upon the wreckage of the Krytan City of the same name, has grown and prospered in the years since the rise of the Orrian Dragon. Founded by pirates and dependent on trade, the city has become a common ground for all the races of Tyria.

Divinity's Reach (city) is the greatest city in the human nation of Kryta. It is laid out like a giant wheel. Its upper city contains Queen Jennah's royal palace and the Chamber of Ministers. Six high roads, each dedicated to a god, divide the lower city into districts.

Queensdale lvl 1-15 is the heartland of the reforged human nation of Kryta. These rolling hills and well-watered fields are threatened by marauding centaurs and thieving bandits. The Seraph serve as its protectors.

Kessex Hills lvl 15-25 At the southern border of embattled Kryta, the Kessex Hills are overrun with marauding centaurs. Wrecked human towns dot the countryside, and a heavily-patrolled road from Lion's Arch connects with lands to the south.

Gendarran Fields lvl 25-35 is an area of contrasts. The Shiverpeaks rise in the east, farms dominate its southern hills, and to the west, Krytans fight centaurs in a centuries-old war. Meanwhile, at the heart of the region, pirates gallivant upon Lake Gendarr and raid surrounding communities.

Valley Headland lvl 35-45

Bloodtide Coast lvl 45-55 is a haven for pirates, brigands and ruffians of all types. The region's many islands and caves hide those who prey on travelers from Lion's Arch, even as the rising tide of undead forces ships inland from the sea.

Sparkfly Fen lvl 55-65 Broad estuaries give the Orrian undead easy passage into Sparkfly Fen. A wave of Zhaitan's minions drove hylek refugees before it and captured vast territory. Wyld Hunt valiants and Vigil crusaders fight to regain control from an untiring enemy.

Shiverpeak Mountains The Shiverpeak Mountains, also simply called the Shiverpeaks, is a vast mountain range spanning most of Tyria, running north to south and dividing it in two. To the east of the mountains lie charr territories, and just to the west lies the human kingdom of Kryta. There is a known bloodstone in a cave in the south-western area of the Shiverpeaks, though that area may now be considered part of the Steamspur Mountains. The norn city Hoelbrak is located at the center of the Shiverpeaks.

Hoelbrak (city) has become the social center of the norn race. When the Elder Dragon Jormag drove norn ancestors out of the Far Shiverpeaks, the Spirits of the WildóBear, Raven, Wolf, and Snow Leopardóguided them to this area, and now great halls dedicated to those spirits dominate the settlement.

Wayfarer Foothills lvl 1-15 The norn around Hoelbrak have established the Wayfarer Foothills as their primary hunting grounds. Further north, there lies a treacherous landscape of frozen fields and icy crags corrupted by the Sons of Svanir, norn who revere the Elder Dragon Jormag.

Snowden Drifts lvl 15-25 Snowden Drifts, a frozen stretch of high peaks and deep lakes, is the main artery between Kryta and Ascalon. Sons of Svanir, centaurs, and dredge all stalk the Drifts, and travelers are advised to stay on the main road or within the protective walls of a haven.

Dredgehaunt Cliffs lvl 40-50 is a place that overlooks old dwarven mines. Gullik Oddsson single-handedly defeated a group of destroyers in these mines.

Timberline Falls lvl 50-60

Mount Maelstrom lvl 60-70 The rugged uplands of the Steamspur Mountains are overshadowed by the power of a singular great mountain. This is the wildest of lands, far from the prying eyes of the races of Tyria.

Frostgorge Sound lvl 70-80

Tarnished Coast The Tarnished Coast is the lush, forested southern sub-region of the Maguuma Jungle. The area is dotted with ruins of an unknown civilization later remodeled by the asura to suit their taste. When the destroyer threat first appeared 250 years ago, the asura were driven out of the Depths of Tyria. Exiled to the surface, they took refuge in this region and thrived there since. Their capital city of Rata Sum lies in the heart of the Tarnished Coast. In addition to the asura, the hylek and sylvari call this place home; the latter of which were born in the Tarnished Coast. The sylvari city, The Grove, is located in the eastern part of the Tarnished Coast.

Rata Sum The greatest city of the Asura is a wonder of arcanic architecture. It is a great subdivided cube that floats over the surrounding terrain, impressing all the races with the might of its magic.

The Grove Sylvari awaken in the Grove and consider it their home. The Pale Tree stands at its heart. Also known as the Mother Tree, she gives love and wise guidance to her sprouts.

Metrica Province lvl 1-15 is the domain of the asura of Rata Sum. The landscape is littered with their private laboratories and discarded experiments, and entire landscapes have been transformed under the not-so-gentle hands of these small geniuses.

Caledon Forest lvl 1-15 the sylvari homeland, spreads outward from the base of the Pale Tree. Sadly, this vast green land knows little peace. Orrian undead emerge from the surf, threatening the Grove.

Brisban Wildlands lvl 15-25 Unclaimed by any nation or race, the Brisban Wildlands are a haven for secretive asura labs, bandit encampments, and large communities of skritt. Its eastern regions are dominated by Mount Gnashington, but the great cavern-riddled mountain gives way to more desolate terrain to the west.

Ascalon Ascalon was the gem of Tyria and the first human kingdom on the continent; Orr was originally its colony. Two hundred and fifty years ago, Ascalon was a beautiful, verdant land, and was the first land players explored in the original Guild Wars.

Black Citadel (city) Built upon the ruins of the human city of Rin, the Black Citadel is the headquarters of the charr legions in Ascalon. Commanded by Smodur the Unflinching, Imperator of the Iron Legion, the great city is dominated by the huge metal-shod sphere at its center.

Plains of Ashford lvl 1-15 Long ago, the human kingdom of Ascalon occupied the Plains of Ashford. Now, the ruins of that once-great nation tumble across the landscape, and the ghosts of the past haunt any who pass through their territory.

Diessa Plateau lvl 15-25 ranches and mills supply the legions with food and materials critical to their operations. Saboteurs, such as human Separatists and the Flame Legion, prey on workers, buildings, and requisitions shipments throughout the region.

Fields of Ruin lvl 30-40

Blazeridge Steppes lvl 40-50 The charr once ruled Blazeridge Steppes, but the rising of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik left a corrupted swath across the land. Now the legions contend not only against the creatures of the Dragonbrand, but against the ogres who have come down from the mountains.

Regrown Flame lvl 60-70