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Guild Wars 2

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Fireheart Rise Map - Guild Wars 2

All Vistas, Renown Hearts, POI Points of Interest, Skill Challenges, Trading Posts, Crafting Stations, Merchants. Fireheart Rise Map, 60-70 lvl, Ascalon, Guild Wars 2.

Fireheart Rise Map - Guild Wars 2
Fireheart Rise Map - Guild Wars 2

Fireheart Rise Map. Atlas maps for video games Guild Wars 2, contains a map of the whole world of Tyria, maps of individual zones and cities maps.

Fireheart Rise Renown Heart12/12 Renown Hearts Waypoints18/18 Waypoints Points of Interest16/16 Points of Interest Skill Challenges7/7 Skill Challenges Vistas8/8 Vistas

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