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ATLAS MMO North Western Zones Game Map

North Western Zones Map for ATLAS MMO Video Game. The map shows the number and distribution of islands on the ocean in a given sector in ATLAS MMO.

Map of North Western Zones in ATLAS MMO Game
Map of North Western Zones in ATLAS MMO Game

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Atlas A1 Region Map small

A1 Map

Atlas B1 Region Map small

B1 Map

Atlas C1 Region Map small

C1 Map

Atlas D1 Region Map small

D1 Map

Atlas E1 Region Map small

E1 Map

Atlas A2 Region Map small

A2 Map

Atlas B2 Region Map small

B2 Map

Atlas C2 Region Map small

C2 Map

Atlas D2 Region Map small

D2 Map

Atlas E2 Region Map small

E2 Map

Atlas A3 Region Map small

A3 Map

Atlas B3 Region Map small

B3 Map

Atlas C3 Region Map small

C3 Map

Atlas D3 Region Map small

D3 Map

Atlas E3 Region Map small

E3 Map

Atlas A4 Region Map small

A4 Map

Atlas B4 Region Map small

B4 Map

Atlas C4 Region Map small

C4 Map

Atlas D4 Region Map small

D4 Map

Atlas E4 Region Map small

E4 Map

Atlas A5 Region Map small

A5 Map

Atlas B5 Region Map small

B5 Map

Atlas C5 Region Map small

C5 Map

Atlas D5 Region Map small

D5 Map

Atlas E5 Region Map small

E5 Map

ATLAS MMO Map Legend

Normal Regions in Atlas

Normal Regions Here players can build and claim territories. Territories that have been claimed will prevent players not in the company from building inside of the territory.

Freeports in Atlas

Freeports are starting areas in ATLAS and they are relatively easy than the rest of the game. PVP is disabled in Freeports.

Lawless Regions in Atlas

Lawless Regions territory claims may not be placed in these regions. Structures will decay fast here. Everyone can steal your place when they place a structure near to you.

The Golden Age Ruins in Atlas

The Golden Age Ruins in ATLAS are the end game zones with high level animals, Bosses, Power Stone and the Fountain of Youth. Structures will decay very fast here.

Polar Climate

Polar Climate Cold and unforgiving, warm clothes or fires are a must in these regions. Often contain few trees and edible plants, and will be hard to survive on. Plentiful amounts of rock.


Tundra Cold, not as harsh as polar, slightly more plants and animals.


Temperate A mixed climate. Not too hot or cold. Contains a good variety of resources and animals.


Tropical Hot, but not dry. Lots of edible plants, fibers, wood, and animals here.


Desert Dry and hot, with a fair amount of animals. Edible plants and trees may be more scarce. Fibers and stone will be plentiful. Water is scarce.


Equatorial Hot and rainy, large amounts of plants, animals, and resources.

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