Sanctuary Diablo 4 World Map

Diablo 4 World Map of Sanctuary with all locations for map completion as Regions, Altars of Lilith, Waypoints, Strongholds, Areas, Side Quests, Side Dungeons, Bosses, Events, Cellars and Aspects, Diablo 4 Maps & Guide.

Diablo 4 Map

Diablo 4 Map
Diablo 4 Map

Discovered and described Diablo 4 World Map of Sanctuary with all locations for map completion as Regions, Altars of Lilith, Waypoints, Strongholds, Areas, Side Quests, Side Dungeons, Bosses, Events, Cellars and Aspects, select a map of a specific Region for complete information.

Sanctuary Completion Guide for Map Diablo 4

List of activities you should complete to get a high Renown in Sanctuary - Diablo 4.

Waypoints Diablo 4


Waypoints allow you to fast travel freely across Sanctuary. Renown Value: 20

Strongholds Diablo 4


Strongholds are open world dungeons for Renown and XP. Renown Value: 100

Side Quests Diablo 4

Side Quests

Side Quest not related to story. Renown Value: 20

Areas to Discover Diablo 4

Areas to Discover

Areas you have to visit for completion. Renown Value: 5

Side Dungeons Diablo 4

Side Dungeons

Dungeons with Legendary Aspects, Gold and Experience. Renown Value: 30

Altars of Lilith Diablo 4

Altars of Lilith

Altars of Lilith grant permanent stat boosts to all characters. Renown Value: 10

Events Diablo 4


Story Dungeons Diablo 4

Story Dungeons

Cellars Diablo 4


Bosses and Unique Elites Diablo 4

Bosses and Unique Elites

World Bosses Diablo 4

World Bosses

Zone Events Diablo 4

Zone Events

Aspects Universal Diablo 4

Aspects Universal

Aspects for Barbarian Diablo 4

Aspects for Barbarian

Aspects for Druid Diablo 4

Aspects for Druid

Aspects for Necromancer Diablo 4

Aspects for Necromancer

Aspects for Rogue Diablo 4

Aspects for Rogue

Aspects for Sorcerer Diablo 4

Aspects for Sorcerer

  • Waypoints within Strongholds and some locations will activate after conquering a Stronghold or completing a story event.
  • You must conquer a Stronghold to gain access to its activities and services.
  • In Diablo 4 there are more Side Quests than those marked on this map. All Side Quests needed to complete 100% Renown for a Region are marked on the map.
  • Some Side Quests are revealed after completing the previous Side Quest, completing the next Act of the story, or at a certain level of experience.
  • There are more Areas to Discover in Diablo 4 than those marked on this map. Areas to Discover needed to get 100% Renown for a Region are marked on the map.
  • Some Side Dungeons reveal themselves after exploring other Side Dungeons.
  • Cellars and Events appear randomly, the places where they appear are marked on the map.
  • World Bosses and Zone Events appear from time to time, messages about the start of the event appear in the game. In order to access World Bosses and Zone Events, you must advance in the game's storyline and conquer Strongholds.
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Fractured Peaks Region Diablo 4

Fractured Peaks Subregions:

  • Desolate Highlands
  • Dobrev Taiga
  • Frigid Expanse
  • Gale Valley
  • Kor Dragan (Stronghold)
  • Kor Valar
  • Malnok (Stronghold)
  • Nostrava (Stronghold)
  • Sarkova Pass
  • Seat of The Heavens
  • The Crucible
  • The Pallid Glade

Fractured Peaks Waypoints:

  • Bear Tribe
  • Kyovashad
  • Margrave
  • Menestad
  • Nevesk
  • Nostrava
  • Yelesna

Dry Steppes Region Diablo 4

Dry Steppes Subregions:

  • Chambatar Ridge
  • Dindai Flats
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Jakha Basin
  • Khargai Crags
  • Kotama Grasslands
  • Norgoi Vigil
  • Qara Yisu (Stronghold)
  • Saraan Caldera
  • Temple of Rot (Stronghold)
  • The Accursed Wastes
  • The Onyx Watchtower (Stronghold)
  • The Scarred Coast
  • Tusmaa Rift
  • Untamed Scarps

Dry Steppes Waypoints:

  • Alzuuda
  • Farobru
  • Fate's Retreat
  • Hidden Overlook
  • Jirandai
  • Ked Bardu
  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu
  • The Onyx Watchtower

Scosglen Region Diablo 4

Scosglen Subregions:

  • Caen Adar
  • Carrowcrest Ruins
  • Deep Forest
  • Firebreak Manor
  • Highland Wilds
  • Hope's Light (Stronghold)
  • Moordaine Lodge (Stronghold)
  • Northshore
  • Strand
  • The Downs
  • The Emerald Chase
  • The Shrouded Moors
  • Túr Dúlra (Stronghold)
  • Wailing Hills

Scosglen Waypoints:

  • Braestaig
  • Cerrigar
  • Corbach
  • Firebreak Manor
  • Marowen
  • Tirmair
  • Túr Dúlra
  • Under the Fat Goose Inn

Hawezar Region Diablo 4

Hawezar Subregions:

  • Blightmarsh
  • Crusaders' Monument (Stronghold)
  • Dismal Foothills
  • Eriman's Pyre (Stronghold)
  • Fethis Wetlands
  • Fields of Desecration
  • Forsaken Coast
  • Haunted Wreckage
  • Rotspill Delta
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep
  • The Writhing Mire
  • Toxic Fens
  • Umir Plateau
  • Vyeresz (Stronghold)

Hawezar Waypoints:

  • Backwater
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court
  • The Tree of Whispers
  • Vyeresz
  • Wejinhani
  • Zarbinzet

Kehjistan Region Diablo 4

Kehjistan Subregions:

  • Alcarnus (Stronghold)
  • Altar of Ruin (Stronghold)
  • Amber Sands
  • Caldeum
  • Dilapidated Aqueducts
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Omath's Redoubt (Stronghold)
  • Ragged Coastline
  • Scouring Sands
  • Seared Basin
  • Southern Expanse

Kehjistan Waypoints:

  • Altar of Ruin
  • Denshar
  • Gea Kul
  • Imperial Library
  • Iron Wolves Encampment
  • Tarsarak

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