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Viscount's Keep - Dragon Age II

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Viscount's Keep is a part of Hightown where Viscount of Kirkwall live.

Viscount's Keep - Dragon Age II Map
  1. Aveline

    Quest Update: A Friend in the Guard

    Quest: The Way It Should Be

    Codex Update.

    Duty Roster

  2. Doors - Quest Update: The Way It Should Be

Quests starting in Viscount's Keep Map

The Way It Should Be

Requisite Quest: A Friend in the Guard.

It is companion quest. Take Aveline to find the ambush hiding along the patchs of Sundermount. The location of the bandits will only be clear if she is present.

Take Aveline to your party and go to Sundermount Ambush Site (01)

Follow way to Sundermount Ambush Site (03) - kill oponents.

Go back to Viscount's Keep (02) - wait till Aveline will talk to Capitain.

Check Duty roster Viscount's Keep (01)

Go with Aveline to Lowtown (10) Night

Go back to Viscount's Keep (02) deal with Capitain. End of quest

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